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Please review this information about potential Internet fraud.

Like any form of media, the Internet can be a tool for good or evil intent. There are a percentage of business transactions on the Internet that are subject to fraud, scams and cheats. Just like normal transactions, buyers and sellers need to be aware of their surroundings and be cautious in their transactions.

If you have placed an ad on the Rv Hunter Classifieds network, you should be aware that we hide your email address from public view. We do this for your protection, not only to hide your email address from spammers, but also to allow potential Buyers to contact you initially without revealing your email address to them. Bear in mind that even though your email address is hidden, people can still send email messages to you through our web contact forms. Some of those contacts may be from unscrupulous people.

Some of these unscrupulous people utilize an old scam from Nigeria that has found new prominence on the Internet. This scam is commonly known as a "419" scam and usually involves the cheating of people with a variety of routines. For this reason, Rv Hunter Classifieds has taken aggressive security measures and blocked all messages where we are able to determine the IP (Internet Protocol) address originates from Nigeria.

We find the most common type of Nigerian scam used today on classified sites involves an offer to buy your item where the scammer makes up some reason for needing to send you a check for more than the asking price. The scammer will ask you to send the difference in money back to them. These checks or money orders they send are counterfeit. Even if the bank initially cashes them, when the bank realizes their mistake, they will require you to return the money in full. To find out more information about the Nigerian type scams, you may wish to visit:

In general, be cautious of potential buyers who make offers to buy your item without asking additional questions. Usually, these scammers are in such a hurry to engage you that they fail to ask obvious questions that a legitimate buyer might ask. Also be wary of potential buyers who offer to use an escrow service unknown to you, offer to pay with a “cashier’s cheque”, or ask for your banking information.

The latest trend in these Nigerian type scams is that the scammers are contacting sellers via a telephone relay service for the deaf. You can read more about that here:

If you need to report fraud on the Internet there is an online partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center at

In addition, we also recommend the following websites that deal with scams and myths perpetuated in various ways on the Internet:

In addition to the scams listed above, you should always use good judgment when dealing with solicitations to purchase goods or services. Companies may or may not be reputable - exercise caution. Check with the Better Business Bureau or ask for references. For example, sellers have reported receiving unsolicited calls from "One Stop Motors" in Nevada who attempt to pursuade them to buy, for several hundred dollars, assisted-selling or other services. A quick check on the local BBB web site shows One Stop Motors has a BBB rating of 'F'.

We hope you have found this information useful, and urge you to exercise caution in all internet transactions.


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